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The Doggyality method places heavy emphasis on cognitive learning.  This style establishes trusted and respected leadership for humans, and a happy, well balanced life for dogs.

We work on issues at the core.  You want your dog to stop barking.  I want to know why your dog is barking and work on the issue from there.  We can stop the barking, but if the underlying issue is not dealt with, another behavior will take its place.

Cognitive based training utilizes the thought process of both dog and human.  When things become too common or routine, the thought process disappears and the action becomes reflex.  For example, many owners ask for paw immediately following a sit.  After a while, dog performs sit, then automatically raises paw without command. Ideally, the dog should wait for the paw command.

Cognitive methods make lasting mental impressions, allowing an owner to have more control over the dog’s mind, rather than physical correction.  The tools we use are impulse and space control, plus counter conditioning exercises.  Since every dog is unique, the techniques will differ from case to case.

Humans must maintain a cognitive process as well to ensure the dog understands what we want.  Effective communication is necessary.  I will show you how body language, posture, and state of mind guides the dog into making better decisions.

By allowing the dog to work through the learning process, they are more likely to repeat the positive behaviors and reduce the negative behaviors.  Unwanted behaviors took time to develop, they will take time to overcome.  My methods, along with your dedication, positive energy, and confident state of mind will earn your dog’s respect.  Consistency and patience will keep it.