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My philosophy is that people have personality, and dogs have Doggyality. Dogs see, hear, and smell the world differently than humans. It’s my job to teach you to communicate with your dog in a language they understand. This will establish a bond between dog and human that enhances the group dynamic, and encourages individual growth.



Cognitive training for Dogs & Humans

Great News! Larry Fine and Doggyality now have a new home on the internet. Recently updated site by Right Brain Group LLC is now live. Their team has been working hard to bring you the most up to date site so you have an easy time navigating the information and learning what we are all about and giving their clients an easy way to communicate with Larry.

Thank you ahead of time for checking out our digital home. If you are in need of training for your dog or dog’s, Doggyality provides quality dog and human training and behavioral modification services to ensure the best possible relationship for dogs and their owners.