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Online Video Series

$24.99 for 1 year


  • The Online Video Series demonstrates basic commands, space and impulse control, and behavior modification techniques. It also has some quick helpful hints. The series launched in May 2015 with 17 individual videos with a combined run time of over 90 minutes.
  • Since more demonstration videos will be added as they are produced, the video series is subscription based.
  • Purchased subscriptions are good for one year from the purchase date, and include any new content added during that time. Renewal is NOT automatic. If you choose to renew, the rate per year becomes $9.99.



  • For purchases that are supporting Rescue fundraisers: Please enter assigned coupon code at checkout to assure your Rescue organization gets credit.



  1. David Goldberg

    Met and purchased, at a Pet Expo.

    Trying to go through it to understand and apply that knowledge, to a new puppy.

  2. David Goldberg

    Met the Author at a Pet Expo, and he was so nice.
    A different approach to training, may be just what is needed, today.
    I’ve tried other programs and systems to no avail.
    We Have a new, very Playful, little girl, Miniture Poodle Puppy Rescue, that is replacing a 20 year old poodle that past a year ago, who enriched our lives tremendously.
    She is joining 2 other established pets in our home, a 9 year old male Shih tzu, and a 3 year old Persian Cat.
    She always plays and chews everything up. She chases the dog and the cat all around the house, all day long, but playfully.
    She is barking too much, (again playfully), and will not obey of follow, simple commands.
    She attacks and bites the other dog constantly, right before bedtime, every night.
    She plays so hard, that she has injured the dogs eye, twice, both times nessesatating a vet visit.
    We shall see if this system, works any differently.

  3. janlb1 (verified owner)

    Spend one session with Larry and by the next day when I attempted to follow his directions I found that my one year old rescue what like a new dog. No jumping, no biting, comes immediately when called; ignores things that are not her play toys and following instructions without fail. She is a runner but once I blocked her from the front door when people enter or leave she just sits with no attempt to get out.(In the past it would sometimes take an hour to catcher). I even took her to the vet to get her nails clipped and she stayed calm through the experience. Great experience! Thank you Larry!

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