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Mission Statement:

The mission of Doggyality is to provide quality dog and human training and behavioral modification services to ensure the best possible relationship for dogs and their owners.



“Larry is a knowledgeable, creative and enthusiastic trainer. He provided a private session with me and my Newfoundland. (a 2 hour private session) His approach is not “canned” and has clearly been honed through intelligence, sensitivity, and love of dogs. Also, I did not feel stupid, incompetent or embarrassed. He left me feeling what all dog owners should feel: capable and enthusiastic about my future with my dog. Larry clearly LOVES what he does, and he does it well.”

Mary A. – Penn Valley, PA

bones“Larry was able to decrease my dogs anxiety in a matter of minutes and give my wife and I the tools necessary to continue with the training. It will take some time, but we can already see the benefits. We finally understand the proper way to interact with and lead our dogs.”


Damian T. – Wynnewood, PA

bones“My experience was nothing short of great. Larry was remarkable and very adept in his handling of 2 rottweilers who are completely out of control. He was very patient and knowledgeable on how to handle them. He taught me many useful techniques, and how being patient pays off in the end. Hats off Larry, remarkable job.”


Joseph I. – Philadelphia, PA

bones“I couldn’t help but start crying when Larry guided me on a dog walk and it was actually… pleasant! Phizz didn’t bark or growl at other dogs (for the FIRST time in history). I didn’t rip my jeans from being pulled on the ground. My shoulders are not dislocated. I have a lot of work to do (I humanize them to a fault, it has created a lot of anxiety for all involved) but, I’m looking forward to an even more cohesive family!!!”


Thera S. – MCB Quantico, VA

bones“Larry is great! He came to our house to work with our antisocial little yappy dog and the effect he had was immediate. He set us up with a bunch of exercises and not only taught us how to do them with the dog, but also explained why they worked and how the dogs thinks/reacts. We were amazed at how quickly we saw results. Larry is a true professional- punctual, positive and knowledgable. He knows his stuff and it is obvious how much he cares about the dogs he is working with and the clients who hire him. Highly recommended!!!”


Pat D. – Glenside, PA

bones“Shay stayed out in the yard with Chloe for 15 minutes this morning while I sat in the back room watching, and he didn’t bark for me once. Then, when I went to the door to let them in, they both calmly walked over without me calling them and came in. Yes, this is noteworthy. Hell, it’s amazing actually.” — feeling accomplished with Larry Fine.


Wendy K. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

bones“Larry is outstanding. It only took five minutes for my dog to trust him. Larry helped us address a lot of our concerns with our new rescued friend. We were concerned that our dog was aggressive to other dogs, but Larry understood my dog wanted to play instead. He helped her to meet and play with her new friends. He gave us some tools and exercises to do with the dog to work on her impulsiveness and respect issues. We can’t wait for Larry’s next session when he’ll bring one of his dogs to help us with dog visitors in our house. Thank you Larry!”


Winnie A. – Paoli, PA

bones“Today I am thankful for a flow of relief for my whole family as we had our session with Larry Fine yesterday afternoon. Our alpha had been getting snarky with us and he had not had those tendencies for quite some time. Larry came to the house yesterday and we worked for three hours with new ways to deal with Cali and it was BLISSFUL. We got to see that happy puppy boy who was in there but not on our visual radars. I knew it was going to be better when Larry headed out the door with the kids and the pitties. I went out to check and he had them both hooked up to his walking belt and had the dogs walking calmly. What joy. We learned that in our pity for our rescue pitties, we were not giving them the confidence they needed, but rather insecurity in our coddling. I can’t even tell you the difference a few hours makes in the life of a lost soul. I would say Cali was actually in a zen state; Kirstie and I looked at each other at one time and almost exploded with joy as Cali did things we couldn’t get him to do. We will work with the techniques and drills that Larry showed us yesterday, we can see how much Cali progresses with his methods. So thank you very much Larry for coming into the house and sharing with us. We were all so happy and it was unanimous you were new family for us. I almost fainted when you were able to get a hug from Kirstie without Cali getting jealous. WOWOWOW!”


Marie H. – Baltimore, MD